i DOnT conDOnE theiyr acTIonZ omg!!!!

i’M noT glLorYifiNg it

omg i LIk tOtallY luV NiN (eVen th0 i diDnT eVen kn0 wH0 thEy w3r3 tilL i ReaD abOT coLumBine

OMgEz lyk mi FamiLy toTally THinKz im cRaZy or LYk ObsESS3d

LOlz lyk my FrieNDs tHinK iM goNA bE likE a PsyCh0 School Shooter Or somethin

OmG eriC is SO gorgeuz

OmGZ lyk dyLan is SUch an aRYan bUT he gOt da J3wIsh chin

My daD is Such a FucKinG assH0le lyk Stop callIng TheM Scum OMG

No I lyk toTaly Dont Cond0n3 theiR actTIonz

I jUSt feeL liKe me & dyLan r so ALik3

oMgz liK3 i cAn totaLY RelAt3 2 eRIC

Omg I wOuLD hAv3 toTaly b3en Frendz wIth Eeric

I wOuLD hAv3 Dat3d Dyl4n heS Sooo HAaawt h3 WoulDnt hAv3 donE tHis if Some1 JSut lOveD him!!!

MoM st0p BeinG sUch a BiTch & cALLinG m3 Psych0 u Dont UndeRsStand Me oR THem!!

OmG lIkE no One uNDeRstAnds me I muast b SpeciAl or SomethIng…LikE ERiC & dyLAn

OmG Im Gona Put SomE RAMMASrtein on my TUmblr Player….& Some KMFdm

oMG KmFSdmbdsm Is so Co0L iM gonNA oRder a Shirt jsuT liske EIRC’s

i DOnT conDOn3 wuT thEY DId!! I Can Just UndersTand!!

i Dont giv a FUck if Other ppl THRink iTs evil OR w3ird THey Dont UndeRsTand Me!!

i’ M gona Go PlAy doom

LooL every1 in My Skewl THinks im GOna go On like A ShooTIng Rampage….Good

OmG ERIOc & dol,An Had da BEsst muSic Taste!!!


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I was with family up at Mount Rainier today, and while I’m hiking up a mountain getting sprayed by a waterfall and laughing like an idiot, I think, “It’s really sad that Dylan and Eric will never get to do this.”



I know I will die soon
Eric Harris, 4/10/1998.


I know I will die soon

Eric Harris, 4/10/1998.

They always say that Eric and Dylan failed, that they meant to kill so many more people than they actually did, the bombs didn’t go off, etc. But when you really think about it, they created the modern idea of the mass shooting. At least every school shooting since can be directly traced back to Columbine. So in a way, creepy enough, they did succeed in their original plan. I’m not saying it’s a good thing, but it is kind of true.


June 8th
On this day in 1998…
Dylan Klebold wrote his seventeenth journal entry. He talks about his soulmate. Read below.

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Listen carefully! @ 4:20 Eric: Get Up! @ 4:31 Dylan: Everyone get up now! @ 4:48 One of them: Yeah! @ 4:50 Dylan: Hey Boy! @5:00 Eric: Alright Dylan! @ 5:09 Eric: Can I help you? @ 5:05 Eric: There are some Bitches over there! @ 5:12 Eric: Hello! @ 5:30Dylan shoot Lauren Townsend with his Tec-9 @ 5:32 Valeen Schnurr: Oh God! Help Me! 

Someone shot up a college in my state. Kind of freaked out right now.

  • Guy: hey
  • Me: sorry I only date mass murderers




Reb and VoDKa if you can somehow read this, then do Columbiners a favour and haunt the fuck out of Jeffco until they release the basement tapes.


VoDKa the Homicidal Ghost.


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